Our Ciders

Our Ciders

The juice for our 2016 ciders was pressed last fall (September-November, sale 2015). The juice ferments for 2 weeks to 3 months, illness and then ages in the tanks until we blend and bottle in July. We work with the seasons, not on a manufacturing schedule. We wait to bottle our ciders until they are at their best, which sometimes means giving them over a year to mellow and shift into the fullest expression of the apples that went into them.

All of our ciders pair very well with cheese and a variety of food. We make them to go with food, like wine. We have included some pairing suggestions here, but be playful with your pairings and let us know if you find some winning combinations!


Beigel_160705_3136Orchard King

Alcohol 7.5%

One of our flagship ciders, this bottle-conditioned cider is sparkling, dry, and refreshing. Pleasant minerality leads to a high, fruity finish with citrus notes.

Apples in this cider: Jonagold, Pinova, Cox’s Orange Pippin and a variety of late bittersweet cider apples

Pair with appetizers and cheese.

Retail Price: $14

Orchard Queen

Alcohol 7.5%

Our other flagship cider, the Orchard Queen is both delicate and bold with deep, integrated tannins setting the stage for ripe apple and dark cherry flavors.

Apples in this cider: Cox’s Orange Pippin, Bittersweet Cider Apples, Kingston Black, Blue Pearmain, Pitmaston Pineapple, and many others

Pair with pork, chicken, salads, and spicy foods

Retail Price: $14

Beigel_160705_3078Barnyard Blend

Alcohol 7.5%

This year’s Barnyard Blend is for the seasoned and adventurous cider drinker. For the first time, we’ve bottle conditioned the B.Blend, giving it wonderful effervescence and dryness. The complexity of cider apples gives way to a rich apple finish. And yes, there is a tasteful edge of “barnyard” flavor in this cider (otherwise known as brett).

Apples in this cider: Early bittersweet cider apples, Blue Pearmain, and our American Heirloom Blend (including Baldwin, Belle de Boskoop, Northern Spy, Golden Russet, and others)

Pair with foods that you’d find in Spain! Tapas, hard cheeses, olives, cured and smoked meats.

Retail Price: $12


2017 Batch released 7.5.17

Alcohol 6.5%

The Moonlighter is casual, light, and dry with lots of fruitiness shining through. It’s the cider to drink pond-side, or as you sit on the back porch, watching the leaves change color and moon rising.

Apples in this cider: Jonagold and Kingston Black

Drink this cider on its own or pair with light summer foods, grilled meats or vegetables, or appetizers

Retail Price: $10

Beigel_160705_3145Whetstone Reserve: Kingston Black

Coming Soon!

Alcohol 8%

Retail Price: $18

Beigel_160705_3145Whetstone Reserve: Perry


Alcohol 8%

Scott Farm’s entire harvest of Brandy perry pears have yielded this iridescent, rich, fruity, and aromatic perry. The finish is long and lingering and full. Only 13 cases produced this year!

Retail Price: $20

Methode Champenoise

Almost Sold Out!

Alcohol 9%

Following a vigorous in-bottle fermentation, and aging over a year on its lees, this cider is hand-disgorged in the traditional method. The result is this champagne-style cider with delicate bubbles, taut acidity, and delightful dryness, which highlight subtle fruit and minerality with a creamy finish. A fabulous “cross-over” cider for those unfamiliar with cider, but enthusiastic about sparkling wine. Less than 30 cases produced this year!

Apples in this cider: Reine de Reinette

Pair with aged cheddar, Tavernier chocolates, appetizers, or use for a toast!

Retail Price: $20